Friday, September 18, 2009

Farewell Summer

Hello Summer's End :-) Did a little photo shoot today to show off my Summer's End cardigan (despite the fact that it's still too warm to be wearing it right now). I took some pics inside then went out back too. You know how it is, you take about 50 shots and get about 4 good ones!!!

Summer's End - by Heather Sapp
Yarn: Taki Yarns New Tweed - 8 balls
Size: 36"
Needles: US 6 and 8
Started: Sept 1 2009
Finished: Sept 14 2009

It's hard to see from the photos (unless you click on them to enlarge then study the edging!) but I made a HUGE mistake with this and I only realized it when I was adding the sleeves!! When I looked at the pattern again I realized that I was supposed to keep the edge in st st, but I had been keeping it in garter stitch. I wondered when it hadn't mentioned buttonholes by the time I was adding the sleeves. You think I was going to frog all of it? You bet I wasn't. I thought I could make it work by just keeping the edge in st st then doing a few rows of garter stitch around the neck. It worked out well, the only thing still missing was the button holes. Not to worry, I sewed on buttons and I just created a hole by pushing the button through, at least just for the photo shoot. When I wear this as it gets colder, I probably won't even button it up.

In hind sight it was just as well I knit it the way I did, otherwise I would have ran out of yarn for the band! All in all I'm pleased with how this turned out, and what I loved the most is no seams to sew. I've never really knit a cardigan or sweater this way before, but I liked it :-)

What next? Well I feel inspired to get on and finish 'Woodland' for myself (in between knitting a few small gifts). I only have a little of the second sleeve to do and then sew it up and knit a button band for it. And after that I'm thinking I will tackle Spook. It would be nice to get it finished for Fall or Winter this year.

Anyone bought the new IK 'Weekend' magazine? What did you think of it? I love IK and pick up just about every magazine they bring out, but I'm not sure there is much in this one that I would knit. Can't wait for their Christmas Gifts one though. There's always some lovely stuff in that, and I love looking at my older issues too.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Oh Denise, you must be thrilled! That came out great and suits you so well :)

You are a woman after my own heart - I wouldn't have frogged it either. Great adaptations!

Esther said...

it looks lovely and it will definitely keep you warm this Autumn!

CelticCastOn said...

Looks great D, and I never would have guessed there were no button holes!
I bought the new IK, there are a couple of things in it I want to knit but other than that not a whole lot. I actually found this years fall issue worse, I don't think there was anything in it I wanted to knit.

tiennie said...

It looks fantastic on you!

Journeying Five said...

great sweater! wish we had the problem of it being too hot here!

Ann said...

Looks fabulous on you! You did a great job. Top down knitting is great as there's no seaming & I am hooked on it.

Suzanne said...

Oh that turned out beautifully!! LOVE the color!! and the shoulder detail. That will look great with anything!! Beautiful!

Gigi said...

Looks great, Denise! No one would ever notice the 'creative knitting' you did.
And aren't you glad it really is finally summer's end here? I am! Highs in the 70's predicted for us tomorrow - Yay!

Sam said...

Oooh yes, this is fabulous! :)

Ren said...

your cardi looks great! : )

i know what you mean about it being too hot... i was out in a tank top today and was still roasting! hopefully it cools down a little bit soon...

a friend to knit with said...

denise! that is fabulous... and in brown.... i would wear that all the time!