Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Antsy!

Kirsten's Soctoberfest Mystery Sock 09 starts today.... and I'm joining in :-) Only problem is, I haven't gotten my yarn yet! I bought a lovely skein of Schaefer 'Nichole' from a fellow Raveler's stash but it was only mailed to me on Tuesday. I am hoping it might arrive today, but I think that's wishful thinking. If I'm lucky it might arrive tomorrow, or perhaps not til Saturday. I'll be a day or two behind in that case, but that's ok. I have nothing else on my needles (that I'm working on) except this. . . .

It's the Cable Comfort Throw from Lion Brand. I fell in love with this when I first saw Leslie's HERE. The one I'm knitting will be a Christmas gift for my lovely neighbors. I've also thought I might make some pinecone firestarters to go with it. It doesn't get cold that often here in Austin Texas but there have been times when it's cold enough for us to light a fire and many times when the mornings are cooler that we like a blanket over our legs when we're sitting on the sofa. I think I'd like to make one for us once I've done this one. I can't stand the thought of seaming, so I'm knitting this on one big circular needle.

Also, I finally finished Woodland!! Can I hear a big 'hooray' from you all? It only took me about a year, make that a year and a half. Ravelry shows I cast on for this in April 2008!

It's off the needles but I'm still trying to sew it all up, it's already taken me 2 days! Urghhhh, I never realized I hated seaming so much, and after Summer's End cardigan, when I realized that no seams was so nice, I will be hesitant about knitting a cardigan in 4 pieces next time with a band that has nearly 300 stitches on too!! I still have to block and find buttons for her, but I will try to get some modeled shots soon ;-)

So, until my yarn turns up I will knit away at the cozy throw. Are you joining in with Socktoberfest?


CelticCastOn said...

ohhh your throw will be nice in grey and you'll be sooo glad you did it all in one piece, if only I had done mine the same!!
Congrats on getting your cardi done, just think how close you are to the finish line and the seaming will fly by. Hope you get your yarn today!!! I just finished the first clue on sock 1, its going to be nice!

sheepish one said...

hooray! can you hear it? hooray!

i hear you about seaming. thus, the only finished sweaters i have are raglan!

and that blanket, like leslie's, is so cozy looking!!