Thursday, April 2, 2009

where am I?

Knitting has taken a back seat since my last post, hence the reason there's been no new posts from me! There's no doubt about it, I've lost my knitting mojo and I'm not sure when I'll get it back. I know the cause of it too - two things really... 1) the weather has been lovely here in Austin, spring has definitely sprung and I've been outside a bit starting to plant flowers in the beds and lay down new mulch... 2) I picked up the book 'Twilight' that I borrowed from my neighbor! and yes, like most others who have read it, I can't put it down. Well actually I can put this one down because I've already finished it. I started book 2 earlier this week! As well as reading that book I'm reading 'Three Cups of Tea' for our April bookclub meeting.

So, lots of reading and lots of outdoor time has squelched the urge to pick up the needles. I am so close to finishing my Woodland cardigan too, but I just don't get the time to pick it up. I have a couple of baby knits to do this month so I might try to get them started and hopefully they won't take long to finish either as they're so small.

Until I have something to show you then, I will just continue to visit your blogs and see what you're knitting ;-)