Friday, February 25, 2011

ADVENTure Update

I’m joining in with Kristyn this year as she journeys on an ADVENTure to make all of her Christmas gifts. Mine will mostly be hand knit.

So far, I have a Juliet ScarfBella Mittens, Ruffled Scarf, and a cowl (will make matching mittens). I have other items that need to be finished off, but this month I started working on this…DSCN0726 I think this little turtle hot water bottle cover is the cutest thing. I may make more than one. I’ve done the back and this is the front. I was reading a lot this month so didn’t get too much knitting done. I’ve also made a beanie hat and 1 (yes, just one) fingerless glove for Kristen’s friend. Once I get the other mitten knit I’ll take a picture.
I also started on this little guy. . . .


right now he is a 3 legged puppy! You’d think I would just get on and do the last leg! For some reason, I always want to knit toys, but once I get started I don’t enjoy the process of knitting so many ‘parts’! There’s not even than many parts to the ‘wrap me up puppy’ by Susan Anderson, but I am still putting off knitting the leg. Also this was knit on size #4 dpns cos I didn’t have size 3. The stitching is a bit loose I think. I have now bought the size 3’s so at some point I will try another one. This one already has Kristen’s name on it! DSCN0725 

What I’d like to work on next is getting some gift cards made!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modeled Shots!

LOOK! I finally got hubby to help me take some modeled shots of McCafferty! I loved knitting this. Lily, it is a beautiful pattern:-)  I’d love to try it with different weight yarns.


I used KnitPicks Palette, in color Fawn. Only took 3 balls!



Hubby started getting ‘snap happy’ with the camera!


Yup, that’s a thread hanging (above pic) I haven’t woven in the ends yet!

DSCF4766DSCF4772       DSCF4769

Now, it’s back to some GIFT knitting!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What next?

I’ve finished McCafferty :-)  Here it is sitting on the bedroom floor blocking!


I think it will be for me, because I had no one in mind when I started it   It turned out beautiful and it would make a wonderful gift, I just don’ t know who I’d give it to? So would it be so terrible if I gifted it to myself? I think I know the answer to that! I shall try to take modeled shots soon (when it’s not so cold outside!)


So, what to start next?  I have a huge list of gifts to make, I just don’t know what to start on next.  On the agenda is this little tortoise . . . from the Knit Simple magazine (but I don’t have the yarn for this yet)


    A ‘Wrap Me Up Puppy’ from Susan B. Anderson


This pretty little hat and gloves set is already on my needles from last year, so I could finish that off!


And these Thuja socks are on my list too


Hubby keeps hinting that he wants a sweater knit! To be honest, I’ve never knit hubby anything! He’s never shown an interest in getting socks or a hat from me and it’s a running joke that I won’t make him anything! but I wonder if I should try this . . .


Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood. I’ve always liked the look of it, but not sure I could knit it as a surprise as I would want to make sure it was fitting as I knit it? What do you think? Should I just try it and let him know I’m knitting it, or could I try and keep it a surprise?  Have any of you knit it for your man? Kelly I think you did it for Moose didn’t you? Did he try it on as you knit? Any thoughts would be appreciated.