Thursday, February 3, 2011

What next?

I’ve finished McCafferty :-)  Here it is sitting on the bedroom floor blocking!


I think it will be for me, because I had no one in mind when I started it   It turned out beautiful and it would make a wonderful gift, I just don’ t know who I’d give it to? So would it be so terrible if I gifted it to myself? I think I know the answer to that! I shall try to take modeled shots soon (when it’s not so cold outside!)


So, what to start next?  I have a huge list of gifts to make, I just don’t know what to start on next.  On the agenda is this little tortoise . . . from the Knit Simple magazine (but I don’t have the yarn for this yet)


    A ‘Wrap Me Up Puppy’ from Susan B. Anderson


This pretty little hat and gloves set is already on my needles from last year, so I could finish that off!


And these Thuja socks are on my list too


Hubby keeps hinting that he wants a sweater knit! To be honest, I’ve never knit hubby anything! He’s never shown an interest in getting socks or a hat from me and it’s a running joke that I won’t make him anything! but I wonder if I should try this . . .


Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood. I’ve always liked the look of it, but not sure I could knit it as a surprise as I would want to make sure it was fitting as I knit it? What do you think? Should I just try it and let him know I’m knitting it, or could I try and keep it a surprise?  Have any of you knit it for your man? Kelly I think you did it for Moose didn’t you? Did he try it on as you knit? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


CelticCastOn said...

Yesssss knit cobblestone it is sooo fabulous. Everytime Moose puts it on I say DANG that looks good!!!
I just took his chest measurement and arm length and knit away. Maybe you could just measure him and tell him its for his someday sweater :)
Its not a tight fit so as long as you have the chest and arm length you'll be fine. So I'd say KNIT COBBLESTONE!!!

periwinkle said...

Your shawl looks just lovely and why not 'gift' it to yourself ... I have to be honest and say I don't think my hub would ever wear anything I made so I can't offer any advice there sorry

Kara said...

The shawl is fabu!

I vote either cobblestone or the turtle. I am a sucker for cute softies!

Maria said...

Your shawl is beautiful. Oh course it should be yours - knitters need to wear and advertise their beautiful makes.

I am about to make hubby a vest (if the weather cools down a bit). Could not do surprise with this as most knitting time is at night while he plays his PS3 :-(
So I allowed him a little input - colour :-)

Gigi said...

Well, look at you knitting up a storm! Such a pretty wrap, and no, I don't think it would be bad at all to give it to yourself ;)! I've had my eye on Cobblestone too -- maybe for son or SIL -- should I add it to my looooong queue? I could knit 24/7 and still not finish all the things I want to make -- ya know?

Sue said...

The shawl looks great. I think you should gift it to yourself! I agree, Cobblestone would be an awesome sweater to knit up and you could just take his measurements and suprise him!

Catherine said...

I seem to mostly knit for myself or make things for the house. It's not selfishness, more that I'm not sure what people will think. But this year I did knit little notebooks (my 1st post) for some girlfriends and a scarf for another frined. So I think I will be bolder next year.

Your shawl is so beautiful, yes I would keep that one.

It is funny though how many knitter bloggers say they do not knit for their husbands, my mother seemed to be always knitting for my father!

Elayne said...

Denise, the shawl is beautiful. I say you should keep it for yourself.

Ally Johnston said...

I think you deserve the shawl, it is beautiful and why not have something for you. I have made many knits for my man, and he truly loves it that I am prepared to spend that much time and energy on him. That said I try not to tell him when I'm making something for him as he gets all impatient and asks every five minutes when will it be finished.

hometown girl said...

Denise it's just beautiful! how are you? hope staying warm :) a CO detector is carbon monoxide. thanks for visiting!! susan

Sam said...

The shawl is gorgeous! (In your shoes I'd gift it to myself too :)
And I say keep it a surprise. Maybe find a jumper that fits him really well and use that as your point of reference for sizing

Honeycombs said...

Hey li'l sis, don't forget all of us over here we can could certainly put up a good fight for all your knits if you want to send them over :o) - there's nenna, sam (she loves your knitting and tried to pinch my mits, infact she did borrow them and I'm not sure I got them back hmm!!)debbie, joanne, michelle, not forgetting mam of course she'd definitely want some and oh not forgetting li'l ol' me :o)) It is a beautiful wrap, you certainly do take after mam for knitting. Me, I'm off to do some enamelling now. Love ya x x

Elise @ cheznapier said...

I always figure if I'm knitting something big for someone and expect them to love it and wear it a lot, I want their input. I don't want to spend all that time and money to make something to sit in the back of someone's closet! I'm knitting sweaters for The Hubbs and for my mom right now, and both of them got to pick style, colors, options, everything. Otherwise, why get a custom knitted sweater if you don't get to customize it, right?