Thursday, October 7, 2010

Too Busy to blog!

I’m knitting like crazy but can’t find the time to get on here and update! I didn’t want you to think I’d dropped off the face of the earth again. I finished the green top, it’s blocked too and I just need to model it and take pics. It’s not cold enough yet to wear it but I think it will be perfect this winter once I start wearing my long sleeved T’s. 



The color looks completely different in these pictures compared to my last post! This is a dark ‘hunter green’ but above it looks more like sage!

Citron has taken a back seat I’m afraid, been too busy knitting fingerless mittens for a friend (3 pairs to be exact) AND I cast on for the TTL Mystery Sock KAL, which funnily enough is a sage green in color! I haven’t taken pictures of the yarn yet, or the cuff – can’t wait to get the second clue tomorrow. Just in time to take away with me this weekend.  I’m headed here . . . .

rockport Rockport, TX - spending the weekend away with our next door neighbors – no kids allowed!  I’ll be back soon.