Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been knitting. . .

. . . just haven't been taking photos! But first, great news about Mam, she came home from the rehab center yesterday and is doing really well. Hmm, some of you may not know she was even in the rehab center, well she left hospital a couple of weeks ago and agreed to go to an assisted living place for rehabilitation before going home. She is healing well and gaining strength daily, but still has to take things very slowly. I'm just glad she's home.

I had Ishbel II on the needles when I went home, didn't get much of it knit there because, well, you know, it's lace and you have to concentrate right! But I'm happy to say she's all done now... I went outside today to try and get some photos and wouldn't you know the wind picked up as soon as I did!

I also tried to get more shots of my first Ishbel, I tried the first one before the second one actually, which is why I only have one shot of the grey one!

That's one of our fruit trees it's hanging on, already blooming :-) I think it's an apricot, I really hope we get some fruit this year. We've only had the trees 3 years and so far not much yield!

Also off the needles (but I haven't taken pics yet) is a cupcake hat from Susan's Itty Bitty Book, and a sock just like these

which will be going away in my 'Christmas Gift' box as soon as I do the other one. I think I'm in the mood to knit myself a tank, now that Spring is upon us, I just don't know yet which one?