Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just For Me!

Since I last posted I've been knitting up a few 'small' things for Christmas gifts. And I've started on a little 'shower' gift for a friend. I've been thinking a lot about my knitting lately, and can I be honest with you (even though I know this is going to sound really awful) it's not really much fun when I'm knitting for someone else! I have a few 'wips' on the needles that are for me, but I never seem to get around to finishing them because I'm always coming up with ideas to knit things for others as gifts.

The socks I just knit for instance. OK, I HAD to knit the socks because I promised my friend I would make her a pair, but the other 'gifts' that I've started knitting (for Christmas) are already becoming a chore and once again puts stuff on the needles for me 'on the back burner' so to speak. I recently decided that after Christmas I was going to make 2010 the year for ME. Well I've changed my mind. 'For Me' starts RIGHT NOW! I sound selfish, but honesty there really isn't much fun in knitting right now when all I do is worry whether the recipient will really appreciate my efforts or not.

So today, I ordered some yarn on line and I've decided to start afresh (yes, the wip's can wait) and knit myself a cardi for Fall, (despite the fact that it's still 100 degrees here every day, I can dream of cooler weather).

I've chosen this...
and what a perfect name. It's 'Summer's End' and it's a free download HERE on Ravelry. I ordered the Tahki New Tweed online today in the color 'Chocolate'. I thought brown would be great for Fall. I can't wait to get it. I got an email to say it had already been shipped today too, so I'm hoping it comes pretty fast.

Of course, it doesn't mean I won't knit any more gifts. In fact I may still be able to do some while I'm knitting the cardigan. But I just want to feel like I'm doing something for me, and reap the rewards of the many hours I knit when I'm finished . . . . . at least for a little while.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Knitted Gift

I'm back! Despite the fact that we are still in the throws of a very hot summer here in Texas, I have picked up my needles once again to get started on some gifts. Yes, I'm talking about Christmas gifts, and it's only July! I figure if I start now I might just have some things to send home this year.

But before I show you the Christmas gifts I've started on, I thought I would show you what I just finished working on this week.... yesterday was my neighbor's birthday and I decided to make her a pair of socks. Not something she needs in this heat, but she had hinted at getting some quite a few months ago, and well, that was about the time I started 'losing my knitting mojo'!

I picked up the needles a few weeks ago and started on these. . . .

And I finished them just in time on Thursday!

Specs: Curly Cuff Bedsocks, from Knitted Sock Sensations.
Yarn: Sublime Angora Merino (2 balls)

Needle size: US6 Clover dpns

Modifications: The pattern says knit on 2 needles and
sew up the back seam. Instead, I knit the cuff on 2 needles,
but then changed to dpn's and joined in the round
to finish off the socks.