Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Can't Wait. . . . .

. . . to knit these. . . .

but first, I have to finish . . . . these!

Then, I want to knit this. . . . yes, I finally have my own copy of Susie's new book

but first, I have to finish off a little hat already on my circular 16" Addy Turbo! (which I didn't take a pic of yet). . . . . then I want to knit this . . . . .

This lace scarf is featured in the September issue of Simply Knitting (a UK mag) and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. You can see the yarn band but the yarn has already been wound for me and was 'downstairs' when I was upstairs taking these pictures!

And here's another look to it, featured on the first page of the pattern.

I've never knit lace before but my LYS had the exact yarn in so I bought a skein of it and hope to start on that soon too!
As you can see in the sock and hat pictures, I also have the yarn bought for those two projects too. It was 'lots of treats for Denise week' this week, cos it's my birthday next week and my Mom sent me my birthday card with lots of lovely dollars in it :-) I also bought some t-shirts in Old Navy - you can't beat $4 for t-shirts that (imo) wash great and last forever!
So, I've been knitting like crazy this weekend on the Monkey socks and I think I'm only a day or so away from finishing them.
I can't wait to get started on my new projects!

Monday, October 8, 2007

WhoooHooo - I Did It!!!

LOOK! I have a sock - my very FIRST completed sock - EVER!!! I'm so excited. I love it, love the feel of it, the look of it, the fit of it. Well actually I think the fit could have been a bit better around the leg. I really like the pattern (monkey socks by but the only problem I had was that each needle started off on a purl stitch, and I couldn't for the life of me get that first stitch to stay tight. I think because of that, there is some extra looseness to the leg. BUT, I still love it. The yarn is 'Regia' merino and silk, fingering weight.
What do ya think?

This is the same picture but I used the flash, it shows the colors a little brighter I think.

Boo looks impressed, doesn't he? ;-)

OK, so one down, and one more to go . . . .
(oh, and I finished the felted purse, I just need to actually felt it! So I'll show pictures of that next time).

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A New WIP!

Yes, I have something new on the needles (all 5 of them!) and I have managed to take a picture before the object is actually finished (which isn't hard to do because I find socks so s-l-o-w to knit). BUT.... I am determined to knit myself a nice pair of socks. The pair I had started I actually think are going to be a bit too small, and also knitting with size 0 needles was just killing me (not to mentioned the repetative knit3 purl2 pattern). I've seen these 'Monkey' socks from on lots of blogs and love the pattern on them. So that's what I cast on.

I made a start on this just over a week ago so I'm not doing too bad. I would be knitting these all day if I could, but I have also cast on for a felt purse for a friend that has to be finished by Oct 25th. So, right now I'm alternating between the socks and the purse, and I'm also patiently awaiting my copy of Itty Bitty Nursery that I pre-ordered (never again) from Amazon a few weeks ago. At least they've finally shipped it, but the est. delivery date is not until Oct 12th!

So, that's what's on the needles right now. Not the best of pictures (it's hard taking photos of your own feet!) but.....