Friday, September 30, 2011

ADVENTure Update

So, last Sunday marked the 3 month mark to Christmas - Sept 25th.  Only 2 more updates after this one! I didn't think I had much to show this month for my ADVENTure update, but I have 3 hats that I haven't shown pictures of yet. I enjoyed knitting the 'Who' owl hat pattern for my nephew's little boy, so I decided to stick with that for his little girl too . . .  I'm also working on a blue one for his other little boy ;-)

Also got a ribbed hat finished this week . . .  this is the 'fit for a boyfriend' hat pattern on Ravelry.

It knit up nicely with Hobby Lobby's I love this Wool, but knitting rib is so boring. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere for the first couple of inches, but then it seemed to go quicker and before I knew it I was decreasing. This was originally intended for one of my brothers or brother-in-law but it's a bit small. It fit's Kristen perfectly so I will gift it to my niece's boy who is 10 yrs also, and next time I knit one for an adult I will add an extra inch before starting to decrease. 

Finally, another hat like the one I did last month but this time in grey. . .

Excuse the terrible photos! I was taking them quickly so I could write up a post. I'm hoping after the holidays I might actually get some pictures with the recipients modeling them ;-)

86 Days to Christmas! Have you started your Gift Knitting yet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yarn Along - 9/28

I was going to post my ADVENTure update today, but I thought I'd join in with Ginny's Yarn Along first, and post my other update later this week (cos I haven't got much to share for it!). Just like Ginny and many others who join in with 'Yarn Along' two of my favorite things is reading and knitting. I do a little of both just about every day. For the past few weeks I've been reading the Harry Potter books. I only read the first one many years ago, even though we have the first 4 books sitting on our shelves, and I've seen 3 of the movies. I started book 2 a couple of months ago, finished it in about 3 days, then watched the movie again. The following week I read book 3 and watched the third movie again with my hubby and daughter (she's 10). Now I'm reading the 4th book which is over 700 pages long and it's not going as fast. 

As well as that I'm also reading a book for book club this month called Look Again by Lisa Scottoline. It's about a woman who adopts a baby boy and later finds out he was actually kidnapped from his parents and then abandoned by the kidnappers because he had a bad heart. Bit of a mystery/suspense book and a pretty quick read. It's an interesting story line and one that will make for a good discussion at the meeting too. The woman has to make the heart breaking decision to either ignore what she finally realizes and keep the child, or share what she knows, knowing she will have to give up her son to the rightful parents. 

On the needles next to the book is another Christmas Gift hat (fit for a boyfriend!)  Knit with Hobby Lobby's I love this Wool, in black. I actually started knitting Jared Flood's Koolhaas last week but made a mistake and with black! oh my, I just couldn't do it - I hate knitting with black, so I pulled it out and started this simple beanie. I really want to do Koolhaas, but I think I'll try it with a grey yarn next time. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I like knitting berets, so I think I'll have to start wearing them! I took (at least I tried to) some modeled shots of the Rustling Leaves Beret I just finished. Loved this pattern and wouldn't mind knitting it in a lovely Fall 'orangey' color sometime.  I love Alana's Autumn Vines beret too, so I think I'd want to knit that first before I do another Rustling Leaves. Anyway, here's some photos (the best I could do on my own, with bright sunshine and a little too much breeze for my hair!)

 Looking a little too serious I think!

Trying to keep my hair from flying all over!
Yesterday I knit another beret at the request of a friend :-) (you know who you are ;-) That's all I'll say about this one, as it may be gifted to someone from her. She wanted a simple chunky beret, so I used big needles and cast on 53sts. Increased every other stitch after the ribbing, knit 5inches more and then started decreasing.

The yarn was Sensations Angel Hair from JoAnn's Fabrics. It turned our rather nice I think, and is super warm. Might have to knit me a couple of these too ;-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little 'ME' Treat!

Next month is my birthday, so I decided to treat myself and pre-order the lovely Coastal Knits book by Alana and Hannah.  

 With the pre-order you got two lovely patterns, incase you wanted to get started on something before the book arrives ;-) I decided to cast on for the pretty Rustling Leaves Beret because I had some sock yarn in stash that I could use.

I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in a soft sage green. You can see my Ravelry page HERE. I still need to take some nice modeled shots this week.  I'm not usually a hat person, but I've decided I'm going to be more 'stylish' this Fall/Winter, so wearing a hat when I go out is a good start I think (of course I'll be wearing more than just the hat, you understand!!!).

 blocking on a dinner plate!

The color looks much darker than it actually is, in the second picture, because the flash went off. It's really more like the top photo, a soft sage green.  I've just cast on for another hat for a Christmas Gift. I'm finally trying out the wonderful 'Koolhaas' by Jared Flood. I've wanted to knit this hat for ages. I'll share pics when I'm done - it's going to be a pressie for my brother. And I can mention that, cos I know he doesn't read this blog ;-)