Friday, September 30, 2011

ADVENTure Update

So, last Sunday marked the 3 month mark to Christmas - Sept 25th.  Only 2 more updates after this one! I didn't think I had much to show this month for my ADVENTure update, but I have 3 hats that I haven't shown pictures of yet. I enjoyed knitting the 'Who' owl hat pattern for my nephew's little boy, so I decided to stick with that for his little girl too . . .  I'm also working on a blue one for his other little boy ;-)

Also got a ribbed hat finished this week . . .  this is the 'fit for a boyfriend' hat pattern on Ravelry.

It knit up nicely with Hobby Lobby's I love this Wool, but knitting rib is so boring. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere for the first couple of inches, but then it seemed to go quicker and before I knew it I was decreasing. This was originally intended for one of my brothers or brother-in-law but it's a bit small. It fit's Kristen perfectly so I will gift it to my niece's boy who is 10 yrs also, and next time I knit one for an adult I will add an extra inch before starting to decrease. 

Finally, another hat like the one I did last month but this time in grey. . .

Excuse the terrible photos! I was taking them quickly so I could write up a post. I'm hoping after the holidays I might actually get some pictures with the recipients modeling them ;-)

86 Days to Christmas! Have you started your Gift Knitting yet?


Gigi said...

Lovely work D! I'm trying to get ahead of the game. I've got a Wrap Me Up Puppy in the works, a Turn a Square hat (in my queue), and some bluebell socks on the needles. Must knit faster!

Lucy said...

Oh, I love the cabled hat and the flower hat!