Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's taking forever!

It's Wednesday - time for another 'Yarn Along with Ginny. Christmas knitting is getting rather boring!!! There's nothing worse than thinking you HAVE to knit something (tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that). In order to make sure I have a little something knit for all of my family back in England, I've resorted to making hats for the last few people on my list (mainly the guys!). I think I only have about 5 to go. 

Other than hats, I have Wray on the needles for me, designed by the lovely Lily Kate . . . . 

 It's taking forever (in the title) is pertaining to the 1x1 rib around the yoke! It was only for 31 rows, but with over 200 stitches on the needles, it did indeed feel like it was taking me forever. Especially as I wasn't picking it up very often. But I love this pretty cardigan, knit in lace and I think it will all be worth it in the end ;-)

I'm hoping this will be my first FO of 2012 - the year I knit for ME (even though I cast on in 2011)! Along with the knitting, I am back to reading Harry Potter - after a short interval where I read 'Look Again' for book club this month. I'm reading the 4th book and can't wait to finish it, just so I can watch the movie. I borrowed the book from my neighbor and it doesn't have a dust jacket, hence the reason for the photo courtesy of Amazon.

Also joining in with WIP Wednesday 


Stacey said...

I totally know what you're saying. After years of Christmas knitting, I'm trying some Christmas sewing this year... much faster! I only knit for the folks that I find *the perfect* project for :)

Gigi said...

What a pretty pattern and I love that gorgeous red yarn! It's going to be perfect I know.
And Harry is always fun!

Sue said...

I only knit for people who actually like knitted gifts now as some people say it is lovely and I never see it again. Your Wray looks very pretty and I love the little booties too.

Marushka C. said...

Wray is such a pretty pattern. It's going to look fabulous in that lovely red.

I'm glad you can see the end of the Christmas knitting list in sight. It's no fun knitting under pressure.

Becks said...

Eeek christmas knitting, I've finally finished my first piece!
Your Wray looks beautiful, and a gorgeous colour.

stitching under oaks said...

sometimes i feel the same way about knitting for gifts, but usually only if I've already knit one before. I am typically not a good repeat knitter. Have a great weekend...hopefully you'll knock some knitting off your list.

Ann said...

Your Wray is coming along nicely. Love the color of the yarn. This pattern is also on my list.