Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Treat

I was about to name this post "what have I done!" but that would seem to indicate that I regret what I had actually done - and I by no means regret it. What have I done you might ask?  I've gone and bought the yarn to knit the beautiful Dahlia Cardigan, and not only that but I'VE ALREADY CAST ON!!!!

It all started last week when I finally got a chance to drive along to a new LYS that I'd heard had just opened. As some of you may know, my only LYS closed last year and I've had no where to get yarn since, other than on line or Hobby Lobby and Michael's!  This yarn store is about a 20 minute drive from me.... well worth it too. It's called Happy Ewe. You can see the website HERE

 and here's a picture of the inside (taken from their website). LOOK - comfy sofas :-) A small corner of the shop is dedicated to spinning and weaving. The owners are two lovely ladies and I chatted away with them last week for well over half an hour. Turns out they are doing a Dahlia Cardigan KAL. They meet once a month and had only met once already last month. So, that was it - I decided to treat myself for my birthday and bought the recommended yarn and join in.

The yarn feels gorgeous, Manos Del Uruguay 'Serena', baby alpaca and pima cotton. It is so nice to knit with too. I would have liked to knit it in the mauve color (as seen in Interweave Knits) but the owner was already knitting it and didn't have enough yarn for me in that color. I chose this blue/grey instead. I think it will be great with my jeans, which is probably when I'll wear it most.

So, as you can see, I've knit the lace panel already for the back, that only took me 3 days. And I'm now on to the right and left sides. It's a strange set up, but I'm just taking my time and not reading too far ahead, because to be honest, it sounds rather complicated. I know it can't be that hard as there are already hundreds of FO's on Ravelry.

The thought 'what have I done' has entered my mind a few times this week, because I still have Christmas gift knitting to do but I can't put down my Dahlia knitting. And of course the sweet 'Wray' has taken a back seat too. But not to worry. A few more hats done and I'll be finished with gifts, then it's full steam ahead for ME ME ME :-)


Catherine said...

What a fabulous pattern - I'm very jealous. I love Manos yarn too.

CelticCastOn said...

ohhh I love the colour. It will go perfectly with your dark hair.

Gigi said...

Beautiful pattern and yarn D! It's going to look great on you. And I'm so jealous of your LYS! The closest one to me now is about 60 miles away ;(. Thank goodness for Webs & Jimmy Beans, etc., but sometimes you've just got to see and feel the yarn before you know, you know ;)?

Ann said...

Excellent choice of color. I love this pattern too & it's on my list too. Can't wait to cast on.

stitching under oaks said...

love this pattern and I love the color you chose...beautiful.

LuckyDog said...
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