Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ADVENTure Update - last one!

Well, October 25th has been and gone and I didn't do an update post. November 25th is just around the corner, that would have been my last update but I thought I would post it now. I am still knitting some hats for Christmas, not sure if I'll get them all done in time? 

I've started wrapping my knitted gifts, keeping it very simple with some tissue paper and yarn. There's really no point in using other bows and such because they seem to just get squashed in the mail! I like the rustic simple look of these. I hope my family appreciates the time I've spent knitting for them this year ;-)  Hopefully in the new year I can share picutres of the gifts I sent home - assuming my lovely family will take photos on Christmas day. Next year, I may get my sewing machine out, it's a lot faster. And I'll be leaving the knitting for just me!

Speaking of knitting just for me, my Dahlia cardigan is coming along nicely. Although it's on the back burner right now until I get the last of the hats knitted. Here's a picture I took a couple of weeks ago . . .  

I've since picked up and knit the other side, AND started on the sleeves, well one sleeve. This will have to sit patiently until all Christmas gifts are finished. Then hopefully I'll be able to work on it over the Christmas break. Nothing like putting your feet up and knitting over the holidays.


Ann said...

You are so organised to have all the Christmas knitting done. I have decided to take a break from Christmas knitting, so no knitted gifts.

Ally Johnston said...

Wow Christmas knitting, I'm impressed. The bows look fabulous. Hope you get to enjoy some personal knitting over the holiday season.

Sam said...

Hi Denise, Dahlia looks beautiful.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, and wishing you a happy 2012 xxx