Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick And Easy Gifts

Thanks to my hubby I got some much needed ME time over the weekend. I spent most of it knitting some washcloths. After I saw THIS post on Amanda's blog I thought making a smaller gift with these cloths would be nice too. Amanda was kind enough to link to the patterns she used. And here's what I came up with....

Here's the first two cloths I finished.

Then I did a third cloth using a variagated cotton and packed all three in this small vinyl bag (the bags, including the bags I use for the spa sets, can be purchased HERE)

I still need to add my 'Knitting Den' tag, but it turned out cute don't ya think? These are so easy and quick to do and will make great little gifts. And so because I've been knitting such 'simple' things lately, I've decided I want a challenge. I bought some dpn's at the weekend and will try my very first pair of socks - soon! I'm a little concerned at the size of the needles. The lady at the yarn store told me I should get size 0, which I did for the sock yarn I have. But now I can't find a simple pattern that says to use size 0. Most all of the patterns I see suggest a size 2? I don't want to start a sock and then find it's way too small. I'm thinking of going back to the yarn store before I start anything and asking for more advice. I bought my sock yarn there too but that was about 10 months ago! My intention was to take a sock class, but I never got round to it, then school let out and well.... my intention was then to wait til Fall to try to do a class.

As I said I need a challenge so I thought instead of waiting to school starts again I will try a tutorial online or just try to follow a simple pattern. I'll keep you posted on the sock progress, in the meantime I'm practicing using dpn's with size 7 on a 'pumpkin hat'. Pictures of that to come later as I make more progress too.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Could Win This!

Just had to make another post today when I saw this 'give-away' over at 5 Minutes for Moms. You could win this Insignia 37" Flat Panel LCD HDTV

Head over to 5 Minutes for Moms to find out how (it's really simple, you just gotta leave a comment and put a link on your site!).

Someone's gotta win it - it might be me! It could be YOU!

And thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring such a great contest.

I'm a Winner!

The great bloggy give-away had an amazing response last week. Over 500 blogs participating. I didn't get a chance to visit all of those blogs but I tried my best to visit as many as I could (spending waaaaay too much time on here, but who cares, it was all fun!). And I didn't think for one minute that I would win anything - but I did :-)

I won a Coffee/dry mix pack from Angie at Proverbs31wwbe I can't wait for the postman to deliver it.

I've also been surfing around some fun knitting blogs this week too. I just can't get enough of anything 'knitting'. There's not enough hours in the day for me. The more time I spend on here visiting blogs and seeing what others are knitting, the less time I find for actually knitting! I don't know how these gals do it all. They blog very regularly and show great pictures of thier WIP's (work in progress) and FO's (finished objects), I just don't know how they find the time to do it all. I'm lucky if I can knit a few rows of a dishcloth.

I am wanting a challenge and have been out this weekend to buy myself some double-pointed needles. I am going to attempt to knit a pair of socks! Considering I have been knitting since the age of 8, I feel like a newbie when it comes to something like this. Well that's because I AM a newbie. My mom always knit on straight needles and I can only vaguely remember her knitting with 4 needles. It's not something I ever got her to show me. I want to take a sock class sometime in the fall (once Kristen gets back to school) but in the meantime, I thought I'd try a tutorial I found on line. I'll take pictures later this week and come back and post more about my progress here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

AND THE WINNER IS. . . . . .

Well first of all I have to say thank you to all of you who left a comment for a chance to win my hand-knitted spa set. I hope to be able to visit all of you and thank you personally in the next few days (or even weeks :-)

I can't believe over 100 of you came by to take a look! We just got back from Kristen's swimming lessons (you can see pictures over at my daily diary) and it took me a few minutes to cut up all the pieces of paper to put them in the 'hat'! Yes, I did it the old fashioned way, and Kristen drew out a name..... and the lucky winner is....

Megan - from Half Pint House

Thanks again to everyone for stopping by this week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gift-wrapped and ready to go...

Well I did figure out how to link the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway button - thanks to a friend who explained it all in plain english for me :-) I'm amazed that I have over 70 comments so far for my Spa Set. I've got it all gift wrapped and ready to go, so I thought I'd share a picture with you.

I'll add this to my main post about the give-away too. There's still time to enter for a chance to win. Click HERE and leave a comment - it's that easy!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Great Giveaway!

UPDATE: I've noticed some of the blog links for my giveaway do not have a website or email linked to them!!! If I have no way of contacting you I can't give-away the prize to you.

I will be drawing a winner on Friday at 4pm (CST). I will email the winner and announce that winner here on my blog. If there is no email but a url, I will leave a comment on your blog (and also announce it here). If you do not contact me within one week I will have no option but to draw another name from the 'hat'. If you can, check your link before Friday :-) Thanks!

I read about the great Bloggy Giveaway last week and knew it would be a ton of fun. Not only for the chance to win something, but to give something away too. Unfortunately I am still so new to Blogger that I don't know how to link the button up when I put it in my sidebar!

I'm busy reading Bloggy Basics 101, (and still can't get the button to link!) so bear with me on that one. For now you can click on the doggy image above to go over to Shannon's site and see who else is participating in this fun give-away.

Here's what I'm giving away this week.....

One of my hand-knitted Spa and Bath Sets. This one to be exact. Some time this week I will pack it in a vinyl draw-string bag like the one shown below (see my post for July 12). Inside the soap sack is a glycerin soap from Bath and Body Works. The set includes, bath mitt, face cloth, headband and soap sack (plus the soap).

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment below. I will announce a winner sometime on Friday. Please leave an email link if you don't have a blog. Anyone can enter, I will ship to US, Canada and Europe, and Australia/NZ :-)

Here's a picture of the set all gift-wrapped and ready to go :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A New Spa Set

Hello to everyone popping over from my main diary. I'm adding pictures of my latest Spa gift set here. It's just the same as the yellow one you'll see if you scroll down, but as you can see this one is in aqua. I thought if you clicked on the picture you would see a larger image but for some reason it isn't working? See! Still so much I have to learn about blogger.