Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick And Easy Gifts

Thanks to my hubby I got some much needed ME time over the weekend. I spent most of it knitting some washcloths. After I saw THIS post on Amanda's blog I thought making a smaller gift with these cloths would be nice too. Amanda was kind enough to link to the patterns she used. And here's what I came up with....

Here's the first two cloths I finished.

Then I did a third cloth using a variagated cotton and packed all three in this small vinyl bag (the bags, including the bags I use for the spa sets, can be purchased HERE)

I still need to add my 'Knitting Den' tag, but it turned out cute don't ya think? These are so easy and quick to do and will make great little gifts. And so because I've been knitting such 'simple' things lately, I've decided I want a challenge. I bought some dpn's at the weekend and will try my very first pair of socks - soon! I'm a little concerned at the size of the needles. The lady at the yarn store told me I should get size 0, which I did for the sock yarn I have. But now I can't find a simple pattern that says to use size 0. Most all of the patterns I see suggest a size 2? I don't want to start a sock and then find it's way too small. I'm thinking of going back to the yarn store before I start anything and asking for more advice. I bought my sock yarn there too but that was about 10 months ago! My intention was to take a sock class, but I never got round to it, then school let out and well.... my intention was then to wait til Fall to try to do a class.

As I said I need a challenge so I thought instead of waiting to school starts again I will try a tutorial online or just try to follow a simple pattern. I'll keep you posted on the sock progress, in the meantime I'm practicing using dpn's with size 7 on a 'pumpkin hat'. Pictures of that to come later as I make more progress too.


Amanda said...

Oh wow!! Those are so cute. I love the colors that you chose! It's a nice girlie color without being too frilly. :-)

As for your sock & needle conundrum, I'd go back to the yarn store & ask for advice. If your sock yarn is super thin, knitting it on size two needles will make it too thin & the sock will wear out in no time.

My first socks were on Size 2 needles, and the yarn really needed to be knit up on a smaller needle. I've never used the brand that you're planning on, so I can't help you there.

Knit up a gauge swatch and see how you feel about it. Stretch & pull at it so that you can see how it's going to wear. Also keep in mind that you're wanting to make a pretty dense fabric, so it's going to need be knit pretty tightly.

Good luck!! It's always exciting trying something new.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amanda. The smallest needle I've used for socks is a 1 but that was slightly thicker yarn.

Love the cloths. You should join the Monthly Dishcloth group on yahoo. They do two KAL's a month, both a surprise. :)

What are the bags called? I couldn't figure the site out. LOL

cmm said...

Guess what???
You are the winner of my purse giveaway!! I think I have your email, so I'll get ahold of you that way so I can send it to you!

Christine said...

These are really cute! Good luck with the socks.

Knitserland said...

The book Knitting Vintage Socks -New Twists on Classic Patterns by Nancy Bush has some great patterns for size 0's. (It's an Interweave Press book) It also has some great sock knitting history along with very clear instructions for various heals and toes.

Have fun with these - can't wait to see what they look like.

VAIL said...

Very cute! Wish I knew how to knit/sew, something I was never taught!
I am having another book drawing at my blog, stop by and enter!

peaknits said...

These are so cute - I really have to try that Mason Dixon cloth - I see them everywhere and they are so neat looking! Great packaging too!