Friday, October 2, 2009

i just wanna hold it!

LOL :-) . . . but if I did that, I'd never get a sock started! My Schaefer 'Nichole' arrived today. Oooh she's so soft and squishy, I just wanna hold her all night! I love the colors in this. It doesn't say on the label what they are but to me they range from olive green to teal to mustard. I can now get started on the mystery socks. Well first I have to wind this in to a ball, then I might just be a good girl and check my gauge. . . . or then again I might not!

I've been dying to check the forums and see a sneak peak of what the pattern looks like (I'm assuming some of you have posted pics already), but I shall wait until I've cast on and got the cuff done and some of the pattern before I do. Hopefully that will be tonight.

Enjoy your Friday evening..... I'm off to wind ;-)

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CelticCastOn said...

yay glad it came, we know what you'll be doing tonight.
Swatch smotch cast on!!