Monday, September 14, 2009

HELP! Can someone help me with the math?!

I was doing so well with Summer's End but I've got to the point of decreasing after joining the sleeves. Everything was going good until I decided to calculate how many stitches I'd have left after I'd finished my decreases!

The pattern says I should have 238 stitches once I've joined the sleeves. This was correct. I am decreasing 4 stitches every RS row at the armholes. It says to do this 20 times. That would mean 80 stitches decreased - right? I also have to decrease at the neck edge every other RS row, a total of nine times. I decrease 2 stitches on these rows, (one at either end) so a total of 9 times would mean a further 18 stitches decreased. That brings the total to 92 stitches decreased. Take 92 from 238 and you're left with 146 - but the pattern says at this point I should only have 60 stitches left??? It totally doesn't make sense to me?

I've looked for any errata on the pattern, looked at other finished projects on Ravelry, but there is no mention of an error here.

Can someone help. Am I missing something obvious? If anyone can look at the pattern and see if I am mis-reading it at all, I would SO appreciate it. For now I'm rather stuck?


Anonymous said...

Denise if you are decreasing 4 stitches at EACH armhole 20x that is a total of 160 sts plus 18 at the neck = 178 total decreases. 238-178 = 60.

amanda said...

Hope you got this sorted out Denise. Robyn's explanation makes sense so maybe you'll be nearly done now! :D