Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Has it really been a week?

Well nearly! It's Tuesday already, nearly a week since that last post, and yet it feels like I just added those pictures of Pikachu 2 or 3 days ago? I'm trying my best to get some projects finished but I seem to be procrastinating and not getting anywhere!

And yet I know I'm accomplishing some things, just nothing worth taking pictures of yet. I only have half a sleeve left to do on the pink bolero (no pics of that until I have an FO for you!). I only have one sleeve left to do on the 'Ribbed Yoke Sweater' but I haven't yet cast on for it! I started to make some 'ladybug' mitts for my nieces instead of the Lucinda Guy tank that I was thinking of doing, and I brought Chicabean Scarf out of hibernation yesterday thinking I might finish it off for a friend's birthday gift and do the hat to go with it?

So as you can see (well you can't actually see cos I haven't posted photos) but you can tell that my knitting seems to be all over the place right now.

Hopefully next time I post I'll have some photos to share, and perhaps I'll have a giveaway to do too - although to be honest, I think I'm still 3 posts short of a 100!!!


MrPuffy said...

The lady bug mitt sound adorable - good choice!

Charity said...

It seems like this time of year, knitting ends up all over the place! I know I've been doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that... :0)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

glad I stumbled acroos your blog. Will be back.