Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slow progress. . . . . . .

Just wanted to make a quick post.... I'm slowly plodding on with the front of the Wildflower Sweater. I don't know why I thought I should do a sweater with 'intarcia' as it always takes me so long to knit. Seriously - just doing one row can take me about 5 minutes! I'm telling myself that because this is a Christmas gift there's no hurry, and I shall just do a few rows a day! In the meantime I have cast on for another little knit from the Lucinda Guy book 'And So To Bed'. I will take pictures and post again soon.

I just wanted to let my 'knitting friends' know that I've finally gotten around to adding some stuff to Ravelry! I've been a member since last October but have been so busy surfing all the cool stuff on there I hadn't added any of my own. I've found a few blogging friends on there and have added you to my friends list. I'm 'knittingden' if you want to add me (or find me on Ravelry).

I'm off to the church library today where I said I'd volunteer to do a couple of hours. Not many people show up to use it so I shall take my knitting to pass the time.

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