Thursday, January 31, 2008

How is a girl to knit. . . .

. . . . when she has so much 'yummy' stuff to read! Last week I treated myself to a couple of new knitting mags and a new knitting book :-) I mentioned these on my 'daily blog' last Friday when I had a cozy night on my own while hubby and daughter were out. I love the Debbie Bliss book and want to knit all kinds of goodies from it. I've actually cast on for a little boy sweater already, but I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease instead of the Debbie Bliss cotton. So far it's looking pretty nice. I'll share pictures soon.

Also last weekend another two magazines arrived in the mail for me. I have a friend in England that I swap mags with. She buys me the Simply Knitting magazine (which is my favorite) and I send her Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine which she can't get in the UK. This month her hubby was in town and picked up the knitting magazine he thought she wanted for me... turns out it was Knitting, and not 'Simply' Knitting, but she sent me them both anyway :-) I can get both of these mags in Barnes and Noble but we are usually a month behind and if you don't time it right they may also have sold out as they only get a few copies of each on the stands!

So, with all this lovely reading how am I supposed to get any knitting done? Well lucky me (or lonely me) has had a hubby that was away in Denver this week, so I got to read AND knit a lot.

My 'wips' are getting out of hand! I can't seem to stop casting on for new stuff. So far I have the Chicabean scarf on the needles, a cotton sweater from Debbie Bliss book, Bella Bunny from Lucinda Guy (actually she's already off the needles and is nearly all sewn together!), another Cozy Tank Top is on the needles, AND the Summertime Tunic (which I tried to do last year but it was too big so I've finally started again using up the Classic Elite Classic silk I bought back then too).

So, I will take pictures of some of this stuff and post another day about it. I may not post all projects as some are Christmas gifts and I don't want the recipients to possibly read this. I will try to add them all to Ravelry for those who can see them there.


a friend to knit with said...

oh, i would be doomed if i had all of those mags!
not only would i not be knitting, i too would be casting on for a gazillion things.
glad you had time to read and knit.
look forward to seeing what is on the needles! :)

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oooh, dont' you just love reading knitting magazines? really I think it's almost as good as knitting!

Knitterella said...

Try to control yourself with all those lovely magazines! I love getting my hands on so many but have a hard time focusing on one project!

(I used about 3/4 of a skein for my Koolhaas)