Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You've Got Mail

I just wanted to share what I got in the mail yesterday - finally my 'gift' arrived from one of the give-aways I won at Dog Days of Summer Giveaway. Thank you Carol. This as you can see is one beautiful Vera Bradley Purse. I love it!

And it's just perfect for carrying my latest WIP (work in progress) which is NOT 'Sahara' I might add.... ok long story......... well not actually, but I've been putting off blogging about if for days now because I am just so devastated :-(
My Sahara doesn't fit!!! It is Waaaaaay too small. I finally tried it on last Friday only to find that it doesn't even come close to fitting me. I think the error was that the yarn I picked doesn't really knit with a negative ease? At least that's what I'm thinking. I cast on for size 33" because the pattern said there would be a negative ease of 3 inches? Suffice to say, it's too small, no good, will have to be ripped out. My only problem - I HATE ripping things out and starting again. I totally lose all motivation, unless it is something completely different! So that's what it is - it's completely different - it's the Summer Time Tunic. I've seen this knit by quite a few people too (there was a KAL, but I don't have the link off hand). So that's what you can see in my new VB purse. I haven't even pulled out the Sahara yet, I just can't bear to! I might try to knit that later at some point and pick some other type of yarn - then again, I might not.

For now I think I need to get some projects finished before I start on anything else. I did get the heel started on my sock, and I'm just about finished a baby sweater that is a gift. I've also got a Christmas pudding hat on the go ;-) (the hat is done, I just need to knit berries and holly) and I will continue steadily with the tunic, which feels like it will take forever too. Also in the meantime I continue to get hooked on knitting blogs and well, just how is a girl supposed to get any knitting done when there are so many cool blogs out there to sit and read... and look at this one Knitty Bloggy Baby Bumpers I just can't stop browsing all the archives and seeing all the cute stuff people are knitting for babies!!!


Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your Sahara! I didn't make that one b/c I had made the Simple Knitted Bodice last year and I thought they were pretty similar. Which yarn did you use for it?

Carrie said...

Oh I'm so sorry the Sahara didn't work out! I hate it when that happens. Ripping stuff out is no fun.
I posted a video (or, link to a video) on my blog. Go check it out, I think you'll get a kick out of it like I did.
Have fun with your new project!
God bless :)

Susanne said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that it's PARTY TIME over at my blog! Swing by and check it out!!!

Kara said...

Oh no! That is so sad about Sahara. If you frog, you have to just recast on immediately. Otherwise, you will never get around to it.

Love the purse, by the way.

Kara said...

Hello there :-) Sadie said I needed to visit you and she was right - what lovely knitting you've been up to!

I can relate about your woos with Sahara ... I recently ripped something out after it was the wrong size. I hate that. In my case it was my own fault really, as I did my math wrong substituting yarn ... alas, that's the way it goes sometimes. Here's to projects that make it from start to finish and fit like dreams! (may we both have them in our futures LOL)

You've got some little knitting link gems over here that I haven't discovered yet ... thank you!

Best Wishes - Kara, Rockin' Granola

Susan said...

That can be so frustrating when something doesn't fit but don't give up. I think your bag is adorable and the socks are coming along great. I love that knitty baby bumpers (or whatever it is called) blog too. All of that fun baby knitting is the best.