Monday, August 6, 2007

Meet My Sock....

Here he is! Doesn't he look lovely :-) My first attempt at knitting a sock on dpn's. I have to say I'm enjoying knitting this but I am finding it rather slow going. I really do wish I'd started with fatter needles and thicker yarn. I feel like this will take forever, but I'll persevere. It's a simple pattern of knit 3, purl1 for 6 inches then I do the heel. That's the part I'm eager to get to, to see if I can do it.

I have quite a few things on the needles right now, but I can't show anything else because the other things are gifts! Once I get a few things finished I'd like to think about knitting something for myself. I was in the local yarn store at the weekend and saw some of the things that other girls were knitting. One girl had knitted 'Eiffel' from but had adjusted it to have short sleeves. It looked really nice but I'm undecided if I should try it or not. I also liked Soleil from Knitty too. I just can't make my mind up right now, so I'll keep searching for patterns.

That's all I have for you this time, come back soon to see more sock progress :-)


peaknits said...

Thank you for coming by my blog - these socks only took me two weeks - but that is not typical:) I hurt my back and had more time that usual to sit and knit - if only it could always be like that without the sore back part:) Someone once gestimated it takes 18 hours a pair - seems a little crazy doesn't it? Us knitters have to stick together!

Knitserland said...

Heels are the best part of socks - that's when it really looks like a sock!

Hope it doesn't give you any trouble but if it does just ask away.

I'll be watching your progress:)

Knitserland said...

BTW, about where are you in Texas? We spent some time there, gosh, almost 12 years ago, in Lake Jackson.

Hot there, eek! We left in June and I was about to keel over, but I was in the early throws of morning sickness at the time too.

How did you end up there from England? Just curious. Never would have guessed I would be in Switzerland after being born and raised in the Great Lakes region. What fun life can be!

marycatharine said...

I love your socks, the colors in your yarn are so happy. My favorite part of socks are the heels they are like a little bit of magic. Don't get discouraged if they take a while I'm fairly sure that's part of the reason every one loves them so much once they are finished.

VAIL said...


Robin said...

I made Eiffel (in the standard long sleeve version) and I really liked it. The only thing I would say is, if you use the recommended hemp yarn, be sure to do a fairly large swatch (at least 6x6), wash and block it, and measure it before and after washing/blocking. This yarn changes significantly when washed. I ended up giving away Eiffel because it relaxed too much after washing and I hadn't done a precise enough measurement to see how much it changed.

Barb said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you for visiting my place. I think you're now the third Denise leaving comments so I'm trying to be very careful. LOL

I can't imagine knitting these socks. Actually, I can't imagine knitting anything because as close as I've gotten, so far, is buying a book to teach myself. I've been crocheting for so many years, I'm hoping I can make the transition without too much trauma.

But when I see something gorgeous like this sock, it inspires me to get that book out. Besides, it's a great excuse to visit one of my very places in the whole world, the yarn store!

Knitserland said...

Like you, I moved because of husband's job. It was a great transfer for him career wise and such a fabulous opportunity for the entire family. I haven't been to England yet, but at some point while we're here I will.

My swatch I knit up was a small sample of knitting with my yarn on a certain needle size. Maybe you call it something else? Anyhow, it lets me measure my gauge (stitches and rows per inch) so I know how many stitches to cast on if, say, my piece needs to be 14" wide.

Have you made it to the heel of your sock yet? You really will love watching this knit tube turn into something recognizable!

Laane said...


Looks great! Wonderful colours!

I like eiffel best, because you can wear it more often.

Carrie said...

That is one good lookin' sock you have going there! I attempted ONCE to knit a sock on dpn's. And I failed miserably LOL Maybe I'll try again soon.
Hope you're having a great Friday!
God bless :)