Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Have you seen Kristyn’s posts about her ADVENTures? I only read about it yesterday over at ‘Stitching Under Oaks’, but I love the concept.

As I mentioned before I have already made a start on my Christmas gift knitting for this year, but it’s great to see I’m not alone and that there are others committed to doing this. It will be so motivating as I move through the year (because I’m bound to ease up on the gifts as the warmer weather arrives and memories of winter months and Christmas start to fade!). On the 25th of each month Kristyn will be posting about her ADVENTure happenings, showing completed projects, projects in progress, and sharing tips for success and encouragement along the way. She’ll also be putting up a Mr. Linky so we can join in  - which I hope to do.


The Juliet Scarf I just finished is to be gifted this year, I also have a couple of projects that I completed last year that now have someone’s name attached to them ;-)  As I post about the projects I’ve just completed I won’t mention who they are for incase any recipient happens to read this!


I’m busy working on McCafferty…. not sure yet if this is for me or if it will be a gift! I’ll try to take wip pics soon.

(above pics are past projects that were gifted a couple of years ago)


Florrie said...

Love the colour you've used for the juliet scarf.

I have already cast on for my first gift for 2011, a pair of opal socks........thanks for the link, will pop over there now for a look-see........any encouragement in the knitted gifts department very welcome.

florrie x

Charity said...

Love all that gift knitting! I'm working on a pair of socks for my FIL, that I plan to put away until Christmas 2011 - if all goes according to plan, everyone will get a pair! :o)

Kristyn Knits said...

So happy you've decided to join in! I can't wait to see more of your creations!!

Catherine said...

It's such a great idea, I look forward to the posts of your completed projects.

C x

Gigi said...

Well, you prissy thing ;) -- already making the rest of us (me) look bad. Guess I better hurry up and finish my Hourglass, so I can move on to my ADVENTure projects.



Sue said...

Your so organised arent you. They look like lovely gifts!

stitching under oaks said...

Isnt' it great to get a jump on things!?! It's also fun to see what everyone is working on, that gives even more ideas! Hope your weekend is wonderful...as always, your knitting is beautiful.

crochet said...

Thank you for sharing. I follow this site continuously

Here On Crow Creek said...

Oh My Word what a beautiful baby you got there and prince boo is a handsome baby also! That is a adorable picture of them sitting there so pretty.awww makes me want to get a little boy now.His colors are gorgeous! Thanks for visiting me and wow you can knit girl! Beautiful mittens and gloves and I am in love with that gray scarf!