Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too busy to blog. . . . I like it ;-)

I'm so glad I decided that this year is going to be a ME year for knitting. I am having so much fun with it, not to mention that I am just loving watching the new video podcasts that I recently discovered, while I knit :-) I don't know how I didn't notice them sooner, some of the podcasters have been going for nearly 2 years, and others have only just started! Both are fun to watch. I am adding the podcasts that I like to follow in my sidebar, so it shows the date when they have uploaded a new video, which is usually once a week.

A little confession, my favorite day of the week is now Thursday! That's when Diane from Knitabulls uploads her new podcast, and I have to admit she is my most favorite to watch right now. I've never been one to have much of a stash, but oh my word, I want to buy just about everything she shows us each week - I guess that's why they call it 'enabling' :-)  One of the things she mentioned recently (and other podcasters have too) are the project bags from Lois at Knittings My Bag. Seems like every time Lois posts her bags they are bought up SUPER quick! I don't usually use project bags, but I want to now that I've seen everyone else using them! 

I could have bought one last week when Lois updated her Etsy shop but when I went to purchase one... I realized that my PayPal account didn't have any money in it, and I needed to transfer some from my bank. That usually takes a few days for the transaction to complete,  so I sent a PM to Lois and asked if she could hold the bag for me, or would she have any others pretty soon! By the end of that day all of Lois's bags had sold. I'm so glad I PM'd her though, because she sent me a message back saying she can custom make the bag for me when I was ready to order.  I've just noticed I missed another shop update today, and looks like ALL of the bags (except one) have already sold again. I have one on order, so I will have to be patient and hopefully I will get it in the next couple of weeks.

So, I have been knitting lots, and Dahlia is finally off the needles - yay :-) I have blocked it too but just haven't had a chance to take photos of me wearing it. I will share that next time. I also cast on for a quick knit this past week, which was Altounyan, by Lily Kate.

 I haven't taken any photos of me wearing this either, but I did snap a shot of it just after I cast off.Because I don't like wearing any wool around my neck (it's just too scratchy for me) I chose to knit this in a soft acrylic.

Pattern: Altounyan by Lily Kate
Yarn: Dark Horse Fantasy - pink
Needle size - US7
This was such an easy pattern, and I loved how it turned out. I've already worn it a few times too. I'll try to get some modeled shots soon. The pattern was a free gift from Lily to say thank you to everyone for supporting her this past year.

And speaking of 'freebies', well prizes really - I won this wonderful skein of Laughing Yaffle yarn from JosieKitten a few weeks ago. Thankfully it didn't take too long to get it in the mail from England. Along with it came some yummy English sweeties, that I hadn't had in years, 'Minstrels' - they're like M&M's on steroids ;-) but all chocolate coated, not different colors. Thank you again JK, I'm loving them both.

Here's a picture of the yarn. Not a very good picture I'm afraid, hopefully you'll get to see it better when I take a picture of the WIP I have now. Well, when I take a picture of it that is. 

I was thinking I'd use this yarn for socks, but then I decided to cast on for Magrathea after seeing Tina's FO on her podcast Knitting Blooms. She recently had a KAL for it, but that's over now, so I'll be knitting this one alone. Not that I mind at all. I loved the look of hers, and couldn't wait to cast on once I bought the pattern last weekend. I've only knit about 10 rows so far. It's patiently waiting for me as I finish up the Drifty mittens AND another cowl that I just started yesterday!!  No pics of the new cowl, but it's the La La Love You cowl. I'm joining in with Diane at Knitabulls for her February KAL :-) 

Yes, so much to knit.... so little time! 


Ann said...

The cowl looks gorgeous. I am also knitting Magrathea with 2ply (lace) yarn & it looks good. Happy knitting.

Suzanne Warren said...

I am so glad that you discovered video podcasts, arent they fantastic. Dianne is one of my absolute favourites. You have to watch Stockinette Zombies with Megan and Amy and also Knit 1 Heart Too with Sheila and Wendy as they are funny and fantastic knitters! Your cowl looks very pretty. I just received a bag from Lois and some of her square stitch markers which are absolutely fantastic!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Thanks so much for listing video podcasts on your sidebar, now I have to check them all out. I'm not sure what I'm more jealous of the beautiful yarn you won or the bag of minstrels. Let's just say I'm plain jealous. Oh how I miss my childhood treats.

The cowl looks lovely. I am disturbed by your comment that wool is just too itchy around your neck. I think you have not come across the right wool then. We need to find the right yarn for you to work with - acrylic is no match for the right kind of real yarn. Yes, I'm a yarn snob and you can be too! ;)

yodafatkitty said...

Thanx for the podcast links! I've just really gotten into these and they are so great.

Julie said...

congrats on the prize win! that yarn looks so lovely. And that cowl is gorgeous!! I haven't seen the pattern before, I'm totally going to check it out.

Erin Kate said...

Wow, your cowl looks amazing!