Tuesday, January 5, 2010

While I wait....

haven't heard from Knitpicks yet but I think I might go to their site and send my message via their 'contact use' button. The email I sent was to customer servicet from a previous email I had from them. Plus they only re-opened after the holidays yesterday so they may be behind a little.

Anyway, while I wait for new cables (hopefully) I cast on for the One Hour Earwarmer yesterday! I want to start walking again in the mornings, only right now it's way too cold for me... was only 28 degrees this morning. I will need something to keep my ears warm, because as soon as they get cold I get a really bad headache. This should help. I've tried all morning to get a good picture but I just can't - it would probably look better outside but this is the best I could do -

Details: One Hour Earwamer
Yarn: not sure, I think it's lionbrand wool?
I don't have the band any more!
Needle size: US 10

I also tried on the Basket Whip Cowl which still needs blocking but couldn't get a good picture of that either!

Details: Fresco Basket Whip Cowl
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needle size: US 8.

I will continue with my mystery socks until I hear from Knitpicks and be thinking of what else I can cast on for next ;-)


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What about a new sweater?????

Still think you should break down at look at some Addi Clicks! I "heart" them!

wool free and lovin' knit said...

nice earwarmers. For me it's as soon as the wind hits my forehead I get a headache. This is a problem since I've been told from a fashion perspective that based on my head size/face shape I should always wear hats that sit well back on my head. Sigh. Guess I just shouldn't go out in the cold.

Anna said...

Yay for one hour knitting! The headband looks great, and very practical.

Ann said...

I love the headband & it's so useful. I hate wearing beanies so this headband will be a good replacement.
It's a common problem with the KP cables as I have seen it happen a few times with my fellow knitters.