Monday, January 18, 2010

A good photographer I'm not!

Seriously, my pictures seem to be 'sucking' of late. It doesn't help that I don't go outside to take photos I'm sure, but I always feel kinda weird going out there with my tripod trying to take pictures of myself!

Anyway, I tried to take some modeled shots of my latest knits and this is the best I could do....

The 'Just Enough Ruffles' scarf. A few of you wanted to see this modeled and wondered how you actually wore it? The Ravelry Link seems to show it at it's best... you can see it HERE
Can I just say again how nice this is to wear seeing as it's not itchy wool ;-) Still don't know who the lucky recipient will be, but I'm sure they'll like it. It feels so warm wrapped around my neck.

I knit another cowl this past week... the Ridged Lace Cowl (you can see my Ravelry page here). This is for a friend who just moved to a colder state and is experiencing her first winter there.

Yarn: Sublime Angora Merino
1 skein and a few yards of the second skein (I will try to make another one with the second skein and just make it one pattern repeat shorter).
Needles : US 8

I tried taking more pictures of the Fresco Basket Whip Cowl, but I won't even show those... disaster!

Right now I'm working on my very first lace shawl - I cast on for Ishbel over the weekend. I picked this pattern because it didn't seem so intimidating, having a lot of stocking stitch in it. Oh my gosh, I started the lace pattern yesterday and I am making a mistake in EVERY row! Without fail I will either forget a yarn over or forget to pass the slipped stitch over. I have resorted to counting my stitches after every lace row. Is that what I should have been doing all along? Do you do that when you're knitting lace?

It was knitting up pretty quick until I started the lace. Now it's slow going having to count every other row, but it will be worth it because I simply hate unpicking the rows. I hope I can get better pictures of this when it's finished.


wool free and lovin' knit said...

the ruffled scarf looks lovely on you and I think the photo turned out well. Nice color on the cowl too. Good luck with the lace shawl -- yeah, I'm one of those people who put stitch markers EVERYWHERE and then count in-between the markers so I don't get to the end of the row and have to go all the way back to fix a mistake at the beginning.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Love the ruffled scarf on you!

I'm terrible at taking pictures too! I think I need a class on photography for bloggers, especially Knitting Bloggers. Although I thought you did a lovely job.

Ann said...

I think you take lovely pictures compared to mine. Ishbel is a good beginner lace shawl. I put stitch markers after every pattern repeat to make sure I have the right no. of stitches & they really help. Good luck with your Ishbel.

amanda said...

Yay! We have matching just enough ruffles!

Oh and the Ishbel? You are not alone - the lace pattern was definitely not intuitive to me. Lily had to bail me out several times!

Melanie said...

Yes, I am the lucky owner of that great neck warmer:) Thank you. I love it.

a friend to knit with said...

denise... your photos are LOVELY!
i adore that ruffle scarf.