Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Not To Wear!

I love this top I found on It looks so simple to knit too, just on circular needles and holes in the back for the arms, giving it that razor back look! BUT, if I knit it, would I wear it? Me thinks not.

For the simple reason I would need to wear a bra, and the back looks like this
Shame, cos I really really do like it!


Anonymous said...

You can get one of those bras that let you move the straps. :)

Ginny said...

That is really a cute top! When I have shirts that need a bra but can't show them, I use a Victoria Secret bra that has clear straps. They are also removable, so you can wear them like 3 or 4 different ways. Cute shirt!

Knitterella said...

I just knit Coachella and posted about it a few post ago on my blog. I hear you on the bra thing! My racer back still showed - a lot! I show on my post that I'm wearing a tube top under it and I really like it that way. Maybe you could do that too? It is a fun knit!