Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here's Some Pics

Just so I get the hang of using my blogger blog I will try to post a little something here each day. Here is the picture of the spa set I made (just so I get used to adding an image)

I still have a ton of questions about stuff, for instance how do I keep the font and size the same? It seems to change back to a default every time I preview the post? And some of the mood girls I was trying to add show up with a black background? Anyway, for now, I've made a second post and added a picture. That's enough learning for today ;-)


Melissa said...

Oh boy, blogging techniques make my eyes cross! I wish I could help you. Sometimes I just type my posts on Word and them copy and paste them on Blogger, it usually works.

I love your knitting, good display as well! I hope you have a wonderful week, and I hope to "see" you more!


EllieMae said...

Welcome to Blogville! Thanks for visiting me. I don't change my text size much. Wish I could help. Usually if you google your question with the word blogger it will come up with lots of troubleshooting answers. Hope that helps! Your knitting is beautifully done!! Have a great week!

Mrs. U said...

Wow, did you make this spa set?? It's SOOO lovely!!!

Welcome to Blogger! I wish I could help you out with your questions, but I usually have to ask for help, too, and I rarely change things because it's too confusing!! LOL!!

I hope to see more of your blog!

Mrs. U