Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July!

I know there's some people actually celebrate Christmas in July! One of my neighbors back in MD actually bought presents for her hubby (and he bought them for her) and they cooked a turkey, on July 25th, played Christmas carols and songs all day and would talk about Christmas past and make plans for Christmas that year. I think it all sounds wonderful, but I've never actually done it myself. Hmmm? I have 5 more days, wonder if I should cook a turkey and get out the Christmas cd's? Hubby would think I'd gone mad, I'm sure - but doesn't it sound like fun!

Well anyway, I thought it time I got back to knitting for my ADVENTure! Have you joined in with Kristyn this year? You can read her ADVENTure posts HERE.
I have only posted 3 times this year about my Christmas knitting, and as I expected, as soon as the weather started to warm up, my knitting time decreased. BUT, I have started to get back to it this week....

I cast on for this yesterday, it's a combination of a couple of different hat patterns, featuring a simple garter stitch band and a knitted flower (from a Sirdar book I have). Knit with Hobby Lobby's 'I Love This Wool', in a flesh color. I added 3 pearls to the center of the flower too. Right now I won't mention who the items are for, hopefully after Christmas I will get pictures of recipients with their gifts and can post a big update in January. 

 I did ask Kristen to try it on for me though, I think it looks so sweet. I finished it this afternoon. With knits like this I should be finished by September, ha ha - I wish! Still got lots to do, I'm casting on for another in grey tonight.  

What about you? Are you 'gift knitting' this year, and if so have you made a start on it? 


Lynn said...

My 3 year old grandson saw a baby shower invite and decided to have a baby shower for his bunny. I am knitting baby bunnies to send out. They are adorable!

Lynn said...

Also, love the hat! What pattern is it?

Gigi said...

Cute hat D! I haven't been knitting much either - a pair of socks and a Spring Garden Tee for my Leah have been on the needles way too long. Thanks for the inspiration and little nudge to get going ;).

Lynn said...

Thanks for the info you posted over to my blog. I really like the hat with the flower! Right now I have more ideas than know-how! I am having so much fun doing things for the grandchildren.

Ann said...

Lovely hat. Christmas in July is widely celebrated here in Australia as we have winter in July & it feels like Christmas. In Dec we celebrate Christmas again but this time in summer & we usually have a BBQ.

Catherine said...

I keep reading blogs about knitting Christmas presents and think it is a great idea but I haven't started yet. My plan was socks for the boys (thick climbing socks) and shawls and cowls for the girls - not sure I have time now.

That hat is so cute

Kristyn Knits said...

Your hat and your model are adorable!! So glad you're linking up your progress.

I trust you are staying cool in Texas right now. Your weather has been brutal!! Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I love the hat. Do you have the pattern for it? I have 3 little girls that would love it.