Friday, September 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Ok, I know it’s Friday but I wanted to start doing a post each week (to fill in between FO’s) and show you what I have on the needles. I’m trying to be really good right now and not start/work on too many projects at once.

After my last post I finally decided on a pattern I found on Ravelry that was very similar to Boheme but it had cables on it. It’s the Cables and Garter Cardi found here on Ravelry. I love the cables on this but I didn’t feel like knitting cables, so I’m changing things up a little and making the bottom part a lace pattern. The pattern is from a free leaflet I got in Hobby Lobby. I’ll have to scan or take a picture of it to show you later.  Here’s how the top is looking so far.  And I’m just using ‘I Love This Wool’ from Hobby Lobby for it.


Also on the needles is ‘Citron’.  I cast on for this at the end of August using the lovely lace yarn I ‘won’ from Amanda many months ago. 


I’m trying to concentrate on the green top now, so Citron has been put aside. As soon as I finish the top I’ll pick this up and finish it before I cast on for anything else! Well, that’s not exactly true, I am thinking of joining in with the Kristen’s Mystery Sock KAL this year, and that starts on Oct 1st. No matter where I am with these two knits I WILL be casting on for those . . . . but first I gotta find some sock yarn! That means searching on Ravelry or online because my LYS has closed and I don’t want any ‘sock’ yarn from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I want some ‘real nice, fancy’ sock yarn ;-)

If any of you have any in your stash that you’d be willing to sell, by all means let me know! Is anyone else joining in with the KAL?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Can I ask you something?

I have to say I’m rather ‘obsessed’ with Ravelry at the minute. I seem to go through phases where I just love to surf the patterns, check out my ‘friends activity’ page and blog posts just about urmm . . . . every hour or so!

Today I saw a friend had added the  ‘Boheme’ pattern knit by Retroversa to her favs. I haven’t really seen this pattern before but I loved the two little tops shown in the picture paired with a long white sleeve top and jeans. The size was only for 12mths!

A long sleeve white top and jeans is my staple wardrobe for the Fall and Winter months so I was wondering if there is a pattern out there that is very much like this one but in an adult size.

DO YOU KNOW OF ANY SUCH PATTERN? Can you recommend anything like this. Having just finished the Leaf T-shirt and loving how it was knit seamlessly I know a pattern similar to Boheme would be great knitting. I’d love any suggestions you might have, so please leave a comment, I’d so appreciate it.


In the meant time, I have to decide whether to knit the other sock to match this one?!! The pattern is THIS ONE – Lace Cuff Anklets from the book ‘Favorite Socks’. The yarn is Patons Kroy Sock. The problem is . . . . it’s too big :-(  I only have myself to blame, I NEVER check gauge when I’m knitting socks, although most times I often think (after they’re knit) that I could probably have gone down a needle size as they are often ‘loose’ on my feet. After I’d started knitting with the yarn I realized the pattern actually suggested sport weight, so I thought for sure it wouldn’t turn out too big if I was actually using thinner yarn – wrong!  Is it possible to ‘shrink’ a sock? I thought I might be able to if the yarn was hand wash and I perhaps threw it in the washer or dryer, or both. But the yarn says it’s machine washable? What do I do now? What would you do?  Please don’t tell me to frog the sock and start over!

Added:+++++ I just saw Sue’s comment about the sizes of Boheme so I went back to search Ravelry for more info. I saw a forum post about Boheme AND Boheme Mama, so I clicked on that then found the link to the adult version :-)  You can find it HERE