Sunday, February 15, 2009

problem sorted - kind of!


Turns out that blogger works ok for me in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox! Hubby says sometimes Firefox will get a glitch in it and they will get it sorted eventually. The problem is that Firefox on my laptop doesn't seem to have the glitch? so I'm still a little confused, but for now I'm using IE when I use blogger and it lets me upload photos etc.

I mentioned to a couple of knitting buddies online that I was planning on making 'heart-shaped' meatballs and spaghetti for my loved ones yesterday..... I blogged about it on my daily blog. So if you want to see/read go HERE.

I'll be back soon with some knitting news! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine Day yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Computer stuff is too weird sometimes - I can make modifications on my blog that look great on FF and Safari but don't work at all on IE. I just don't understand enough about it all to fix it...

Anyway, your heart shaped meatballs are just the cutest idea!

Esther said...

I have nominated your blog for an award - hope you don't mind!

tiennie said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's! :) I'm sure Firefox will update soon and it'll get to working again.