Thursday, December 27, 2007

What to knit.... what to knit?!!!

Well now that Christmas is over I'm eager to start knitting for Christmas 2008! I didn't knit many gifts this year, but I would like to do a lot more knitting for friends and family throughout the coming year and have some lovely 'pressies' ready for next December. Only two people got knitted gifts this year, my mom-in-law and my hubby's step-sister who came to visit from CA. Both gifts were the beautiful 'rainy day socks'. Mil's pair were the original pair I made in the greyish color... and the other pair was done in a lavender shade. Here's pics of the last pair I did.

So, my dilema tonight.... what to knit? I had told myself a few weeks ago that before I started anything new I should finish off what I already have on the needles - that being the Lotus Blossom top (still), a baby blanket and a shrug for Kristen. But I've poo-pooed that idea. I have to WANT to knit something, and if I don't want to knit a particular thing, then there's no fun in it at all. The shrug I started for Kristen has just been 'frogged'! The pattern wasn't making any sense at all so I've scrapped that and think I might cast on for a nice scarf with the yarn I was going to use.

I'm thinking of trying this gorgeous scarf from Bobbi
Thanks for sharing the pattern Bobbi. Ok, with that said I better jump off here and go cast on :-)

Happy New Year to you all.


Bobbi said...

You're welcome! I can't wait to see it! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful socks! I love that scarf from Bobbi as well. :) Hey Denise, how hard is it to set up your blog on blogger? Did you keep your domain?

Knitserland said...

Fabulous socks! So did you get the scarf started? What color are you making yours?

knittin gin said...

Those socks are lovely! I really like that picot edge. The scarf you are considering is really nice. I like scarves that have a little lace-like quality to them.

And a Happy New Year to you too by the way!

Yarn It said...

Those socks are gorgeous! I love the color....a perfect gift. I love Bobbi's scarf too....hope were able to cast on!