Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some FO's for you - with a little help from my model

I don't seem to get a chance to take many pictures of my wip's! (work in progress), but anything's better than nothing right... so here's some pictures of the hats I've finished off lately. I've shown a couple of these in the previous post, but this time I got Kristen to model them for me, along with the matching scarfs that I simply cut from fleece.

The first hat is the one I made for Kristen based on Susie's pattern from Itty Bitty Hats, with the fleece topper.

The colors nicely match the new coat I bought for her for this winter.
This is the pattern for the candy cane hat from IBH's but I did 4 row stripes instead of 2 row, and of course different colors.
This hat is the same one in the previous post, but notice the little bear in matching colors and matching fleece scarf (from a pattern I found on the web). I will try to make a pink one for Kristen next, she just didn't want to put this little guy down!

See what I mean! Here's she's modeling the snowman hat from Itty Bitty Hats.
And here's two more shots of Mr. Snowman.

And that's all for today folks!


Susan said...

Oh boy, am I glad I popped over. What a beautiful little girl and she looks great in those wonderful hats. Great work. The snowman's nose looks perfect.
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Carrie said...

Cute stuff! Great job!
God bless :)

Knitterella said...

So cute! Love the way the leopard topper hat looks on her and with her coat - just perfect! Love the stripped stocking hat too - that's one of my favorites of Susie's!

Nice work thanks for sharing!

a friend to knit with said...

SOOOO cute!!!
I love them all, but that santa hat is just too cute!!

Kara said...

What a cutie. Those hats are just tooo cute!

knittin gin said...

What a great little model you have there!

I just saw your comment on my blog. I'm delighted that you've been visiting and I really appreciate the nice comment. Stop by any time!

peaknits said...

Oh the hats are wonderful - the fleece topper one matches the coat so perfectly - your model is a doll too!

Jimberlys said...

I just love your bear, hat, scarf and best of all that cute model! Where did the pattern for the bear come from? It is just perfect.


Darylynn said...

Adorable hats and an equally adorable model! (((Hugz)))